Essential Oils

Do you listen to your body? What is it telling you? What does it need? How can you support it better?

This WAS me for the last five years: depression, mood swings, anxiety attacks. I prayed, ate well, spent days on the beach, prayed some more and looked for natural solutions.  A month ago, I started using essential oils. A few drops a day. More prayers. And the heavy clouds were lifted.

The dark period is a vague memory now.

Enter essential oils. Enter the beauty in options. Enter the beauty in being a healthcare provider in your own home.

Join me on this journey.  Send me a note and I will share more.

Be well, my friends!


New location, new product!

We have moved to Oahu, Hawaii and are comfortably settling in.

We’re into May and I’m trying to catch my breath!

We planted our herbs and with weather that Hawaii offers we can grow all year along!  We are excited to explore all the medicinal herbs this island has to offer and yes we will keep you posted! 

In the meantime my daughter Sofia added another product to her skin care line! Tallow lotion bar.

Yes tallow again. The "NAUGHTY"  ingredient you absolutely must try!  The "perfect" food for skin. Three simple ingredients. Great packaging. Long lasting. Great price too! 

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Stay tuned for more...


Petra & Sofia









Wanna guess where I am on this BIG weekend morning?

Yes, that's correct. I am  hanging out at home sitting on a couch drinking homemade creamy delicious chai tea, thinking of all the wonderful things we can do together with my kids - like making lotion bars or candles!

I am pretty sure that nothing could get me to drive to town today!

But, that doesn't mean that we won't be taking advantage of some of the amazing deals  I am finding online - and they are even sweeter because I don't have to:

(a) Get all dressed up and the kids (quite a chore;-)!

(b) Get up early to get the best deals.

And you shouldn't either! I offer a big SALE through this weekend! Everything is on SALE so sit back, relax and browse our website for some amazing deals while you sip your favorite drink, yep in your pj's! 

Here is to beauty of online shopping!






Are You Ready For Winter?

Crisp autumn temperatures, the house filled with the smell of dried herbs, and cozy evenings spent with a cup of good herbal tea and a good book.

Our garden is mostly put to bed, herbs are picked and dried, infusions are brewing.

This is my favorite time of the year to play around with some new herbal recipes and try my hand at some new skills. Stay tuned because we have some exciting new products coming up! 

How about you? 

Are you ready for winter? Dry, itchy, cracked, chapped skin?

Our SALE could not come at a better time! Check out our SHOP for   great moisturizers , lip balms. soaps and more! 

Enjoy your savings! 





The Joys of July

Summer is here and we have been busy picking fresh herbs! Lavender is smelling heavenly and calendula flowers are soaking up all the sunshine. Here are just a few photos from our garden! 

Please meet two of our favorite herbs.


(Calendula officinalis) 

This sunny little flower brightens our garden every summer. It is a powerful vulnerary, healing the body by promoting cell repair, and acts as an atiseptic, keeping infections from occurring in injuries. Calendula is most often used externally for bruises, burns, sores, and skin ulcers. And. of course, it is used  in many of our products for its skin - soothing effects. 

My daughter Sofia picks up calendula every day and after it is dry we slowly infuse it in 100% organic olive oil. 


Beautiful, fragrant, and hardy!  It is a strong nervine and a mild antidepressant, and it offers great relief for headaches. The essential oil is excellent for soothing insect bites, bee stings, and burns.