I grew up in a little village in the Czech Republic surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful deep forests. Herbs were an essential part of our every day life. We grew them or hand picked them in the wilderness, dried them, drank them and ate them. I remember sipping fresh nettle tea when I was little and hearing how good nettles are for blood cleansing. At the time I didn’t care much about cleansing my blood but I obeyed my parents and learned from them.  Now I am glad I did. I learned a lot from my parents about herbs and the way to use them.

A few years later the Lord brought me to Hawaii where I married my wonderful husband, Tim. When we were expecting our first child I started  looking for a good, nourishing butter to smooth over my growing belly. But I couldn't find a pure, rich, healing butter that was free of chemicals and preservatives at a reasonable price. Finally my mother asked,“Why don’t you just make your own?”  So I did. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Lyn Howe, a successful owner of Big Moon Rising who reintroduced me to the many wonders of herbalism, and shared most of her wonderful recipes for facial care with me. I have been learning and experimenting ever since, carefully formulating the recipes and trying them on my family, friends, their babies and myself. I ultimately developed salves and creams that worked better than anything I had ever used!  I gave a lot of my creams, salves and massage oils away as gifts, but people kept asking for more and more. That’s how Liliana Beauty Care came about.

A few years later, I am still making skin care products for my entire family and friends.  After many requests, I decided to launch a website to share my products with the world. I plan to add many more products in the future! Not only is is fun and easy, but it's a great opportunity to teach my four children what my parents taught me when I was growing up. They are already growing into little herbalists!

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"Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates." (Prov 31:31)